I think this is a brilliant game ...when it's working, that's why I've gone to all this trouble, k. However there is a saying you should be aware of and it goes like this.....

Sorry. Right, as of today about 1pm 21/04/15 nothing seems to work, it was working now it ain't. I've gone back to MW3 and portforwarded that. Best advice is watch the forums on steam and wait for them to patch this. Apparently they lagged all the servers today trying to fix it. Beginning to feel sorry for them. Be very interested to see what is actually is.
Ok, lol, it's now working again(22/04/15 1pm) and better than ever. I added port 3074 TCP/UDP and that got me an open nat in Advanced warfare. Yeeeha! :thumb:

I'm doing alot of posts about Advanced Warfare lately due to lag/errors etc. :furious: Titanfall has no such shenanigans going on.
So investigated this...because that's what I do....don't actually know anything(Sabby knows this already), just get the facts and fixes if I can find them. So listed below is simply the fixes I've tried so far. GO STRAIGHT TO METHOD 9 AS THIS IS WHERE I'M AT NOW..2.30PM 20/04/15.

Additional 15/04/15
Incidentally never intended this post to be so long. Really thought they'd have patch it a few days ago.

Ok, this appears to have happened due to the last patch. Sledgehammer/Activision are late in spotting it so it's been left upto players like you and me to suffer with confusion thinking it's our pc's at fault. This is why you've found your way here..
Don't forget to take a look at the other posts while your here and perhaps even join our wonderful clan. The 'DO I NEED A MOUSEPAD' post is particularly sexy and rather strange..

Ok, ok, I'll get to the point. Obviously needs them to patch it again, but these 5 fixes may help till then. However It appears to be a memory leak which eats your ram up, meaning it's going to keep coming back at ya. Yea, love Activision/Sledgehammer probably a whole lot more than you..

To save you reading all this c***.....................
Ok, METHOD 7 seems to work. That's the 'disable your 'uPnP' in the router. It's 14/04/15 6pm and still not patched on pc I'm afraid. How the gezzer(may have been PoOpShOoT!) who guessed it was the 'uPnP' did it is a mystery to me, last thing I would have thought. Well done him and he not on $120,000 a year....yes, senior programmers get that. For less lag as well try METHOD 9.

Right, as of today about 1pm 21/04/15 nothing seems to work, it was working now it ain't. I've gone back to MW3 and portforwarded that.

To begin with the old and tried 'change the page file to 'system managed size'. This is not new, players had trouble at the beginning with this problem and did this..
To get to where you want to be right now..

K, the idea here is to turn the paging file off then turn it on again and set it to 'system managed file'.


Go back in as instructions at beginning then>TICK 'SYSTEM MANAGED FILE'>CLICK 'SET'>OK>REBOOT

Now this is another method which may do it. As said already, amazingly 'method 1' seems now to be an erratic fix and Advanced warfare can give 'out of memory' message still. Don't think this happened before the patch.

Do a custom page file setting.
The great and powerful Microsoft recommends 1.5x installed memory for the max pagefile size. So if you have 8gb ram set the INITIAL to 8174mb and the MAX SIZE to 12261mb, however you might try MAX as 16000mb just to be sure.

'thanks to Infinity7'......Think now this is your last best hope.

Basically turn Steam off, delete 'appcache and mp config file' in the Steam directory. On starting steam up again it will replace these files. Think I've done similar with other COD's. All I can say is ...wow, it's so nice to walk down memory alley yet again. Apparently some people don't have the kind of brains to appreciate sarcasm..I'm not one of them.
'thanks to Infinity7'

Start the single player, press escape and from the dropdown list choose 'multiplayer'.
'don't know where I got this tip'

Go play Titanfall. Go play with the cat/dog/goldfish/budgie. Go play minecraft. Go play with yourself in that special kind of way. Go play with your partner in that special kind of way. Go play anything other than AW.
Because like me your addicted to this ********* game, method 4 is the least best option.

Have faith and wait for them to patch it. Which I'm sure they'll do pretty quickly.

*****I actually did METHOD 1 and METHOD 3b and it worked....for now****
Just to show reliability of this......Worked last night/1st try this evening did'nt work/2nd try worked/3rd fail/4th fail/5th fail/6th worked but locked up on exit, had to Ctrl Alt Del......what the **** is going on??

Ok, what I did was exit steam, delete 'appcache folder' and 'config mp'. Started steam then validated Advanced warfare. Steam replaced the missing files..it took ages. I set it back to optimal video. Then adjusted stuff back to my preference.
Before replacing files, noticed my resolution in the 'config mp' was 1600x900 (seta r_mode "1600x900") although was running at native res 1920x1200.
After steam replaced the file and I set it back to optimal video it is now '1920x1200' which is the true resolution being used.
Testing this now....although it'll probably be patched by tomorrow....
This did'nt work 100%, again worked 1st time, 2nd fail....possibly it'll work next time but think I've given up caring.

METHOD 7. 9pm 13/04/15
Right, they don't appear to have patched this yet so here's another possible fix. Simply turn off 'uPnP' in your router. I have a Virgin superhub2 and it was real easy, just find the advance settings and untick. Personally not that sure this will work but I'll test it anyway.....back soon....
1st try worked.
2nd worked.
3rd worked.
4th worked.
This looks like it works and also runs better for me. I was the top scorer in two of these games and 2nd for the other two. Hav'nt done that for ages. I'll continue testing just to see when it does fall down but for now this is the biggest success rate so far.
I would suggest that you return your router to default before doing this as for some this did'nt work, and maybe that's because they've been messing with settings, but dunno for sure.
Also what you should is that this sets your router to 'moderate'. For some strange reason my router went to 'strict' yesterday after being 'moderate' when I first started playing. Was sitting there for ages waiting for a game and gave up, on exiting discovered router was on 'strict' so had to turn on 'uPnP' then turn off to set it back.

By MadMan.
Another possible WORK AROUND for the ERROR 12 OUT OF MEMORY issue
I have been doing a lot of troubleshooting to narrow down the cause of this and identify a workaround that does not require us shutting down UPnP on our routers as that causes us many other issues. I think I have a solution now that works (still not sure why but I am looking into more).

The issue resides within the windows FW. And specifically with the UDP rule. So I would like for some of to try this for me and let me know. (I have tested on 4 systems that were getting the error and it has not come back on any of the 4 of them).

1. RE-ENABLE UPnP on your routers
2. In Windows Go to Control Panel and double click the Windows FIREWALL ICON
5. Locate the 2 Call of DUTY: Advanced Warfare MP rules
6. Double CLICK the first of the Call of DUTY: Advanced Warfare MP rules and click on Protocols and Ports tab, and verify that the Protocol is UDP. Click CANCEL
7. DISABLE THE UDP Rule by Right clicking on the rule and choosing DISABLE (do not delete the rule).
8. Make sure the other rule is for TCP and it is still enabled.
Launch the game and you should not get the error any longer".
Thanks to MadMan

METHOD 9. FINAL :thumb:
In the end I just did these..
1. Portforwarded ports for Advanced warfare.(see seperate post for this) Adding an extra port as well as one's specifically advised for AW gave me an open nat. That's port 3074 TCP/UDP.
2. Disabled uPnP....which of course I have to re-enable when my son plays his xbox, damn it...actually I don't now?
3. Turned off Avast/Superantispyware/whatever when playing AW.
4. "For Windows 7. Go to C: Program Files (x86)/Steam/ SteamApps/ Common/ Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. Scroll down and look for the file s1_mp64_ship.exe. The files are in alphabetical order and what you're looking for is almost at the bottom of the page. Keep scrolling. When you find the file, right click it to open properties, go to the compatibility tab and set compatibility to windows 7. Click Apply. This will solve your problem if you're using Windows 7."
can't remember who thought of this, but he's smart.
5. My settings..
pics to go here..Ah, balls, pics out of date now, will do some more when have time..look at the pretty mousemats/mice for now..
Ok, here's settings pics..
Settings advice.
5a. Here's my settings on a ATI6970 2GB/i5 2500K/8GB RAM/W7/152MB Virgin superhub2
Much advice to be found on this. Just found this was best for me.
Windowed no border and play native, meaning if you have a 26" monitor 1920x1200 do textures at 1920x1200 for example. This is why you can get away with the 'low texture options' below.
Turn sync frames on....surprisingly this makes a whole lot of difference.
Texture optons
Set these all to 'low'...does not make that much dfference to appearance, honest.
Fill remaining memory=on...very important to use all your available GPU memory. Don't run your favourite dubious vid or anything else graphic while playing this game.
FOV =90
set everything else to 'off'
Shader preload=on...very important as you will lag terribly at the beginning of each game if it's set to 'off'.
6. I also think maybe Portforwarding AW through Windows firewall. Yes, I know it supposedly lets it through but maybe the paths wrong or summit. Not tried this yet.
7. Unfortunately this game seems to be designed to run with the original ball mice, remember those. You need to set your polling rate to 125 otherwise that alone it appears, can also cause lag and glitching.

8. Ok, just played the best game ever of AW. What did I do?
1. Ran it in a widow, NOT windowed(no border) as recommended by most. They knocked out the choice to play in a variable window last patch, btw, so it's a 1920x1200 window.
2. Also set my polling rate to 500Mhz again not recommended by most. It was ridiculous. I was a God, not the God but a God of AW. Do they turn the servers on/up at the weekend? Was 17/2 and frankly not trying, having a brew, everything was falling down, just had to look at them.
The other day I pumped a whole shotgun into someones arse and they just turned round and shot me, wtf!!? When I got to 0/17 deaths I rage quit. Seriously, what's up with these COD games?
Additional 27/04/15
This game is now playing better for me than ever. It's playing almost lag free. This has been like this for the last 6 games. It's playing so well now that can't help being suspicious that they've turned on extra servers or something. This is not the same game I was rage quitting on a week ago. Right now it's plays by far the best of any COD so far.

After all that your probably feeling a little depressed after suffering lag/glitches/errors/humiliation/rage since you contributed to the $10,000,000,000(yes, 10 billion) that the COD franchise has made beginning 2003 so here's a little something to cheer you up..
Oh my, she's almost as angry as I am, just wearing a little less.

Just want to say how impressed I am with all the players out there who came up with the above fixes and to whom this post is dedicated, oh, I'm welling up....

Your probably sick of this now and so am I. It's time to wander off into the sunset but must remember to keep the shadows behind me.